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SMS-Alarm with Thermoguard®

Thermoguard SMS
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Mail Settings with Thermoguard

Thermoguard Mail Settings

Using the optional Relay Interface with Thermoguard

  • Relay Interface
  • Provides the different possibilities of using the Relay Interface of manufacturer
    AK Modul-Bus with Thermoguard.

Thermoguard Relay Interface

Description of the Thermoguard CIM Interface

  • Custom Integration Module (German only)
  • Information for IT Integrators who want to use data from the Thermoguard main program in their own applications.

Thermoguard CIM

Example of a two-stage sensor alarm

  • CAM Sample (ZIP file, German readme file only)
  • The sensorspecific CAM (Custom Alarm Module) function allows you to implement multi stage alarm functions for the same sensor. In the example, a warning e-mail is sent at 28 C; the monitored server is closed down at 35 C.

Thermoguard CAM

Information on four wire technology

  • TG-Vierleiter (German only)
  • This technical briefing tells you everything about two and four wire technology when using temperature sensors.

Four Wire Technology

Extending your network via the household power circuit ("dLAN")

  • TG-dLAN (German only)
  • This information shows you, that a missing network connector near to your refrigerator is not a problem. Simply use the 110/230 V electrical wiring and two powerline modules (e.g. devolo "dLAN") to connect the remote network and your Thermoguard sensorcontroller at the refrigerator.


Using dynamic IPs with a DSL router

  • TG-DynDNS (German only)
  • You can monitor an Object with Thermoguard via the Internet by using a router with support for dynamic IP numbers; e.g. DynDNS., and a sensorcontroller. There is no need for a PC or Laptop on the client side. You only need a telephone line with permanent Internet access; e.g. DSL.


The Thermoguard Alarm Relay Channel

  • Alarm Relay Channel
  • The "Alarm Relay Channel" Feature provides the ability to monitor one or two(!) factory-installed alarm relays of a device to be monitored in addition to the standard PT 100 sensor.
    No additional entry in the software's sensor list is needed.

Thermoguard Alarm Relay Channel

Variable Limits




Using the optional GSM Modem with Thermoguard

GSM Modem - Serial Version

GSM Modem - COM Server Version