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SMS-Alarm with Thermoguard®

Thermoguard SMS
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Mail Settings with Thermoguard

Thermoguard Mail Settings

Using the optional Relay Interface with Thermoguard

  • Relay Interface
  • Provides the different possibilities of using the Relay Interface of manufacturer
    AK Modul-Bus with Thermoguard.

Thermoguard Relay Interface

Using the optional GSM Modem with Thermoguard

  • GSM Modem
  • "Direct" transmission of Alarm messages via the optional GSM Modem

Thermoguard GSM Modem

Description of the Thermoguard CIM Interface

  • Custom Integration Module (German only)
  • Information for IT Integrators who want to use data from the Thermoguard main program in their own applications.

Thermoguard CIM

Example of a two-stage sensor alarm

  • CAM Sample (ZIP file, German readme file only)
  • The sensorspecific CAM (Custom Alarm Module) function allows you to implement multi stage alarm functions for the same sensor. In the example, a warning e-mail is sent at 28 C; the monitored server is closed down at 35 C.

Thermoguard CAM

Information on four wire technology

  • TG-Vierleiter (German only)
  • This technical briefing tells you everything about two and four wire technology when using temperature sensors.

Four Wire Technology

Extending your network via the household power circuit ("dLAN")

  • TG-dLAN (German only)
  • This information shows you, that a missing network connector near to your refrigerator is not a problem. Simply use the 110/230 V electrical wiring and two powerline modules (e.g. devolo "dLAN") to connect the remote network and your Thermoguard sensorcontroller at the refrigerator.


Using dynamic IPs with a DSL router

  • TG-DynDNS (German only)
  • You can monitor an Object with Thermoguard via the Internet by using a router with support for dynamic IP numbers; e.g. DynDNS., and a sensorcontroller. There is no need for a PC or Laptop on the client side. You only need a telephone line with permanent Internet access; e.g. DSL.


The Thermoguard Alarm Relay Channel

  • Alarm Relay Channel
  • The "Alarm Relay Channel" Feature provides the ability to monitor one or two(!) factory-installed alarm relays of a device to be monitored in addition to the standard PT 100 sensor.
    No additional entry in the software's sensor list is needed.

Thermoguard Alarm Relay Channel

Variable Limits