What our Customers say:

Das Nierenzentrum opened a new center in 2012 at Ahlen, Westfalen and relies on an SC8e to monitor pharmaceuticals as well as server rooms.

Link to "Das Nierenzentrum"

"In our dialysis centers we use Thermoguard Sensorcontroller to monitor the temperatures of pharmaceuticals and server rooms. In a medical environment a fast, reliable and precise data collection and notification is mandatory. Due to the network support of the controllers we are able to control several locations by a centrally hosted installation - so we wil be notified promptly about situations which require asap interaction. (...)"

Michael Biech, System administrator

In February 2011, ifm ulm gmbh expanded their existing system by a further SC8e.

Link to ifm ulm gmbh

"For several years, we are satisfied Thermoguard customers. Although a small customer, we got a good and fair advisory service. The system grows simple by the modular structure. Therefore, system enlargement with Thermoguard was no question for us!

Dr. Rolf Bäuerle"

" ...would like to say "thank you" for the friendly advisory service. Furthermore, I would like to praise the feasible and properly thought-out software. Carry on,

Markus Rothbauer"

Nelson Labs (formerly Toxikon Europe N.V.) operates 164 sensorcontrollers (May 2019).

Link to Nelson Labs

"The Thermoguard monitoring system successfully passed our qualification protocols.
Its additional alarm functionality when used in combination with a blackberry, has been
proved effective for both temperature/humidity programs and power failures.

I have no problems with recommending a proper working system. Thank you for the
fast processing of our order."

ing. Kevin Breesch, Quality Assurance Manager

The Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG), University of Cologne, is using three SC8e.

Link to CCG Cologne University

"We are satisfied customers of the Thermoguard monitoring system and are thinking about an extension."

Dr. med. Holger Thiele

The new Central Laboratory of the Clinical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz was equipped with 40 Sensorcontrollers and 60 Sensors.

Link to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

"The system works very well!
You may quote us as a reference."

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dirk Peetz

"Customers satisfaction with maximum security for the pharmaceuticals" is the slogan of the Birken-Apotheke in Cologne, Germany. Meanwhile (9/2020) 23 controllers are working there.

Link to Birken-Apotheke Cologne

"For more than one year, we are using Thermoguard in a GMP compliant environment. Several refrigerators, one cleanroom and several storage rooms are monitored during the last 12 month absolute stable and without any hassle.
We would like to point out the enormous savings in time of our employees, which were previously preoccupied collecting our data loggers and archiving the data. The deciding factor for using Thermoguard was the possibility to send alarm messages to the mobile phones of our employees.

Alexander Bell

Pharmaton SA, Lugano, Marco Gagliardi, Ph. D., Head of Quality Control:

Link to Pharmaton

"We successfully introduced Thermoguard in our company a few months ago and we are completely satisfied. All our incubators, refrigerators and deep-freezes are now monitored continuously. We were able to achieve the first results just a short while after we implemented the system.
We were interested to see that there were several alarms in the first week, but that the number dropped dramatically after that. In fact, this system very quickly made people aware that they should pay more attention to closing refrigerators immediately after use.
Several of our employees have also been relieved of the tiresome job of carrying out regular temperature checks and recording the temperature of the equipment, thanks to this centralised and automated temperature control system.
Following this first successful introduction, we now aim to connect all our production areas to the system with
Thermoguard, one after another. At the moment, these areas are monitored by loggers - and this still incurs relatively major outlay on data recording (collecting the sensors, downloading and archiving the data, and then repositioning the sensors).

Marco Gagliardi, Ph. D."

Company Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG, Mr. Torsten Rutsch, R & D Engineering
Miltenyi's Thermoguard system consists of 177 sensorcontrollers, September 2020:

Link to Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

"We are using Thermoguard since October 2003 and are very satisfied with the product. Automated alarming of our employes in case of a failure of our refrigerators and incubators is very helpful.
The protocol function is simply the hit and cannot be achieved with manual interaction. From the point of QC and the whole laboratory, a full profit.

Yours sincerely
Torsten Rutsch"

INTERLABOR BELP AG is using more than 80 sensors.
Mrs. Anita Pfefferkorn, Dipl. LM-Ing. ETH, Head of Bioanalytics:

Link to Interlabor Belp AG

"Thermoguard has finally given us a system that relieves us of the daily chore of checking incubator temperatures by hand. Temperature deviations are indicated via e-mail, we can call the current temperatures up at any time, and our GMP and ISO inspectors are most enthusiastic.

Anita Pfefferkorn"

Mrs. Sabine Thomas, Ph. D., Head of Pharmaceutical Analytics:

Link to Interlabor Belp AG

"Thermoguard permet un contrôle permanent de la température de stockage des échantillons et substances de références et il répond parfaitement aux exigences des BPL. Le reponsable du contröle de température est informé par mail lorsque celle ci dévie des spécifications il n'a qu'ŕ suivre son évolution et prendre les mesures nécessaires. Thermoguard est un systčme simple, facile, sűr et efficace."

Sabine Thomas

UPGREAT AG, Reinhold Spallek, Head of Helpdesk:


"Thermoguard has protected several times the servers of our customers from damage."

Company blue is blue Service installed 68 Sensorcontroller SC8e on one of their customer's industrial premises.

Link to "blue is blue Service"

"Dear Mr. Schmitt,
thanks a lot for the fast realization! My customer (so am I) is impressed of the fast, individual fulfillment of our enhancement requests (especially the integration of the "normally open/normally close" support of Alarm Relay channel). I assume that my customer will recommend the system to other prospective customers, because it is now working as intended.
Again: Many thanks!"

Steffen Grünthal

PostLogistics AG in CH-4133 Pratteln was supported by Thermoguard Switzerland regarding a calibration/comparative measurement in their logistic centre.

Link to Map of Logistics Centre Pratteln

"I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your support. Thanks to your help I am able to perform some tasks simply and without complications."

Damir Peic

The german company FRIPA GmbH in Bensheim supplies about 900 customers located in the area Rhein-Main-Neckar with more than 4000 food items.

Link to FRIPA

"Since 2006, we monitor our 5 temperature zones with more than 2000 square metre cooling and freezing area with Thermoguard - without any problem.
We are planning to monitor our new deep freezing warehouse with Thermoguard, too. The Report und Monitor programs are exemplary.
Thermoguard is an important element within our quality management and HACCP system."

Ralf Hahl

Epigenomics AG, Berlin,
is a satisfied Thermoguard customer since 2004.

Link to Epigenomics AG

"Dear Mr. Schmitt ... and Mr. Mandelatz,

Thank you very much again for your kind support and the time you spend to solve this problem.

Kindest regards,

Marion Harting
Clinical Research Coordinator
Epigenomics AG"

November 2017: CureVac AG, Tübingen, Germany, has expanded their Thermoguard System up to 61 Sensorcontrollers.

Link to CureVac AG

"Since 2005, we use Thermoguard for monitoring the temperature of our refrigerators
It works well and without any trouble.

We would like to enhance the system for our new rooms.

Ladislaus Reidel

Thermoguard not only monitors cold storage and incubators of the pharmaceutical industry, but as well server rooms; for example here at the federal ministry of justice BMJ in Berlin.

Link to BMJ

"For a safe IT service, a reliable air conditioning is indispensable. Failure of an air conditioner will result in overheated systems and failure of important processes.
For several years, the federal ministry of justice (Bundesministerium der Justiz) uses Thermoguard sensors for temperature monitoring. Using the Thermoguard software signal and control interface, the IT department may respond timely on possible failure situations.

i.A. von Oepen"

The foundation Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern - a satisfied Thermoguard customer since 2009 - has expanded the system to 34 sensorcontrollers (as of April 2019).

Link to "Stiftung Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern"

"Hello Mr. Schmitt,
everything arrived and in use. As always excellent service!
Again many, many thanks and a nice weekend!"

Sebastian Schneiderheinze

The Löwen-Apotheke in Hannover has been a Thermoguard customer since 2010 and will expand the system in August 2020 with three additional sensorcontrollers of the SC8eP type for Europa-Apotheke.

"Dear Mr. Schmitt,

You are welcome to reference us on your website. We are very satisfied with your system.
Runs stable and is also, unlike other systems, reasonably priced."

Ulrich Beyer

Link to Löwen-Apotheke Hannover

Freeline Therapeutics GmbH operates 20 sensor controllers at two different locations in southern Germany.

Link zur "Freeline Therapeutics GmbH"

via e-mail on May 11 and 28, 2020:
"Good afternoon Mr. Schmitt,

I haven't contacted you for some time, the reason for this is the smooth operation of TG in the Laboratories of Freeline
near Munich ...
We plan to move to a larger location at the end of the year and install a new, larger Thermoguard system."

Sebastian Sedlmeier

via E-Mail on March 11, 2017:
Good afternoon Mr. Schmitt,

we have been using Thermoguard in our laboratory for over a year and I am still impressed by its performance and
user-friendliness of this system is very convincing".

Sebastian Sedlmeier