Thermoguard® HygroLAN


With our product series HygroLAN, you can easily monitor and record the temperature and the relative humidity; e.g. in climatic chambers for stability studies.

Splash Water Protection for HM1Pn/HF1Pn Sensor




HM1P-Sensor with sintered bronze cap

Optionally Thermoguard offers HM1Pn or HF1Pn with a splash water protected sensor:

 Protection class IP X4
 Impermeability according to DIN 40050: 1993 Part 9




Modification of HM1P Sensor with sintered Bronze Cap


35 €

Calibration of HM1Pn/HF1Pn Sensor




Calibration certificate

Thermoguard offers an optional factory calibration with certificate for
the sensor of HM1Pn or HF1Pn
(Temperature and Humidity, barometric pressure is excluded).




Factory Calibration of sensor from HM1Pn or HF1Pn


175 €

Thermoguard HygroLAN Controller HM1Pn: Temperature, Humidity and Pressure




HygroLAN Controller HM1P
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Technical Data:
Sensor included:

Measuring range, resolution:

Measuring error:
Supply voltage:
Power consumption:
Power supply:

10/100BT autosensing
Combined digital sensor for temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure, 2m cable
-40C..+80C, 1/10C; 0..100% rH, 0,1%;
10..1100hPA, 0,1hPA
0,3C; 2% rH (@23C); 0,8hPa (750..1100hPa, @25C)
PoE Class 1 or externally DC 12V .. 48V (10%)
typically 62mA @24V DC
via PoE or Plug-in Power Supply
(please order separately!)
Plastic housing, 105 x 75 x 22 mm, for DIN rail mount


Thermoguard HygroLAN Contr. HM1Pn (Sensor included)


520 €

also available as HF1Pn: Temperature and Humidity only, no pressure sensor


480 €

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Plug-In Switching Power Supply





Plug-In Switching Power Supply
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  • Plug-in Switching Power Supply 24V DC / max. 0,5A / max. 12Watt
  • Suitable for all current sensorcontroller models
  • Dimensions 69 x 29 x 78 mm (L x W x H)
  • Universal input voltage 90 ... 264V AC
  • With 2-pole special plug for sensorcontrollers
  • Cable length 1,8m
  • Plug-In Power Supplies with US-, UK-Adapter (exchangeable adapter system)
    available on request!

Plug-In Switching Power Supply


20 €

DIN Rail Switching Power Supply


DIN Rail Switching Power Supply
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  • DIN Rail Switching Power Supply 24V DC / 0,63A / 15,2Watt
  • Suitable for all current sensorcontroller models
  • Ultraslim design, only 17.5mm wide
  • Dimensions 17,5 x 90 x 54,5mm (W x D x H)
  • Universal input voltage 85 .. 264V AC
  • Power On LED

DIN Rail Switching Power Supply


25 €

Mounting Case for all sensorcontrollers (except SC8eP)




Mounting Case
Non-PoE version with power
supply; Click to enlarge

    PoE operation (delivery without power supply):
  • Very stable polycarbonate housing, protection class IP66/IP67
  • Dimensions LxWxH = 180 x 130 x 75 mm
  • Special top hat rail mounting bracket
  • One RJ45 Feedthrough with rubber sealing
  • One internal patch cable
  • One cable gland for sensor cable
  • Four wall mounting lugs

    For operation without PoE (delivery includes power supply); as above, but different:
  • One DIN rail switching power supply 24V=, secondary wired with controller
  • One additional cable gland for 230V~ connection

Mounting Case without power supply for PoE operation (delivery without controller)


95 €

Mounting Case with power supply for non PoE operation (delivery without controller)


115 €